Monday, 20 October 2008

New Look

Today I was "pretty". Any student under the age of 10 who noticed my new look today said I looked pretty. Interestingly, some of my older students made the observation that I looked older because of the contrast between my actual age and the age associated with one who wears pink bows. The most mortifying part of this was that we got a new part-timer and his first introduction to me was me in a color antithetical to my being. It reminds me of the time I rented a car and the rental agency picked out a bright yellow Ford Mustang.


Ben said...

Cute :) Looks a bit like Daphne from Scooby Doo.

DLouise said...


SOMETHING BESIDES BLACK - The bows may be a bit over the top but pink!!!! Wow, I haven't seen you in a bright color since I was dressing you!

Colorfully Mom

Steven said...

Daphne was the first thing that jumped to mind. Kind of reminiscent of "Legally Blonde" as well.

Wow, those are two comparisons I never thought I'd make to you.

But yeah, you do look cute, in a very wrong, anti-Gentry sort of way. What was the occasion for going pink?

Flitworth said...

Last week I told some of my students that I call all my coworkers in the morning to make sure we coordinate our outfits. One responded that she didn't think I cared about how I look because I always wear black. Also, one of the kids referred to my ensembles as "strange". So I decided to screw with 'em. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a bit strong, and it's not what I associate with you (as if I have much to associate, not knowing you well). Still, you've totally got that redhead-who-can-wear-pink mojo going on, and that's impressive. And also cute!

Digitalemur (aka Coreopsis Major, if you're wondering)